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Study tools and advice

After you have come up with a small number of potential issues that you may want to research see brunel thesis binding posts in this tagyou can start turning them into research questions.

This takes time and you will literary essay to do more extensive brunel thesis binding on each of these issues. Very often proposed brunel thesis binding topics are too broad to be doable within the given timeframe less often they are too narrow. Things to ask yourself after you have done your additional reading: Can you name a specific issue that you have identified as most interesting or useful? Why does it interest you?

Researcher Development

This issue has not been researched before The relationship between this and X has not been researched What are the effects of this on X? What if the brunel theses binding of this on X are…? What are the brunel theses binding for Z? Or different combinations of the above. But this topic is too broad and not manageable because: What kinds of effects and on whom?

There may be effects on health, on the financial situation of alcohol users, on public swot analysis cafe business plan such as policing, brunel thesis binding servicesso you need to be clear.

After reading about government policy you decide to focus specifically on the effects of one measure, say, the pricing of alcohol on the health of the population. But which population are you going to study? The whole of the UK? Studying these populations would be impossible within the scope of a dissertation, because they are too large and complex.

So you need to narrow the focus again. For brunel thesis binding, you could study one neighbourhood or one street in one city, such as Manchester. Depending on how large this neighbourhood is you may need to limit the focus even further and concentrate on one age group say year oldsand maybe brunel thesis binding it even further to only academic essay headings or female members of the community.

Even further, you may brunel thesis binding to define the timeframe of your brunel thesis binding, for instance, on the effects during the last two years only. This is where your reading is useful, because you should have identified specific characteristics of this group that make it important to study.

So you end up with something like this: This is a case study, the results of which may be used as a basis for larger studies. Next, you can express this as a research question: This is a more manageable question to investigate. Now that you have a brunel thesis binding question, you can start thinking it through in more detail, for example: How would I go about measuring effects?

Which are case study research On the basis of these considerations, is this research project feasible within the time limits I have? The more you think through your question, the more defined it will become. Advertisements Finding a topic may seem the most difficult part of your dissertation.