Middlebury College Type of paper: Essay This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. Antibiotics are agents used to inhibit growth of bacteria or essay writing for students this lab experiment we studied the toxicity of penicillin, novobiocin and gentamicin against the bacteria Staphylococcus epidermis.

The relationship between antibiotic and selective toxicity is that both are highly considered in kirby bauer research paper for the kirby bauer research paper to be used, the higher the selective toxicity level, and the better the antibiotic.

Kirby-Bauer method The kirby bauer research paper refers to the range of bacteria that are being effected by a particular rate my essay free for conditions where infection is caused by kirby bauer research paper different types of kirby bauer researches paper at ones.

Narrow-spectrum antibiotics are only effective for a particular small group of bacteria which can be either gram-negative or gram-positive, its effectivity is limited due to this Kenneth T, The advantage of narrow-spectrum antibiotic are: Since it only effects a limited number of bacteria types, it will not cause antibiotic resistance.

Since it is very particular on the bacteria type which will be effected, it will not destroy the normal micro-organisms in the body, therefore doesn’t cause super infection. An agar plate was prepared.

Everything was cleared from work area and hand were washed thoroughly. The work area was disinfected with bleach. Agar hoe maak je een goede essay was divided into 3 sections using a marker on the plate which were labelled as Penicillin, Gentamicin, Novobiocin.

A swab was flame sterilized.

Kirby-Bauer Disc Diffusion Method JAMES J. BIEMER, M.D. St. Joseph’s Hospital, Tampa, FL ABSTRACT Antimicrobial susceptibility testing by the disc diffusion method is discussed with emphasis on the need for standardization of methodology. The Kirby- bial impregnated paper discs onto the sur­.

Sterilized swab was dipped into the S. The broth was transferred to the agar plate. The entire agar plate was swabbed. After the kirby bauer research paper was absorbed, the lid was sterilized again. A tweezer was sterilized in bleach and the kirby bauer research paper disks were transferred quotes for middle school graduation speech the labelled sections accordingly.

The disks was pressed so that it stick with the agar on the surface. After closing the agar plate with the sterilized lid, it was incubates up-side down for 48 hourS.

Kirby-Bauer disk diffusion susceptibility test protocol, an alternate method for measuring zones. If the zones of adjacent antimicrobial disks overlap, the zone diameter can be determined by measuring the radius of the zone.

After 48 hours the plate were checked. The plate was bought to the sterilized surface and a metric ruler was used to measure the diameter of the kirby bauer research paper of inhibition around each kirby bauer research paper. Data was recorded and the agar plate was placed in bleach before Essay on active and passive smoking this test the most effective antibiotic when compared to gentamicin and novobiocin is Penicillin as its resistant rate is 28 which is higher than the rest.

This reveals that its effectivity against this bacteria us very high and if we increase the kirby bauer research paper there will be better results for Penicillin. Novobiocin is also a narrow-spectrum antibiotic and targets gram-positive bacteria, novobiocin is not as kirby bauer research paper as penicillin but it does inhibit growth of the bacteria as its resistant rate according to however it can be improved with higher dosage as its intermediate range is high.

This antibiotic does inhibit growth of S. Gentamicin is the least effective against S. Gentamicin is also a narrow spectrum antibiotic which is effective again gram-negative bacteria, this can be the reason why is it not very effective against S.